1" Detailed Shiny Handmade Skull Mold

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This silicone mold yields 2 highly detailed skull pieces that make for the perfect earrings or pendants. Each skull is 1" x 3/4" (25 mm x 19 mm)

Please feel free to use this mold to create your own awesome skull creations to sell, but please do not replicate or duplicate the mold or any portion of the mold. Original mold design by Lemonforge Molds, a good friend of mine, and I'm keeping her molds going while she takes a break. A portion of the profits of all molds sold will be going towards her.

The A-grade "general purpose" molds are made with nicely vacuumed Mold Star 15 platinum cured silicone and are perfect for casting resin and even baking clay!

Translucent molds are food grade silicone and also available for use with UV resin, in the provided photo I am holding one mold face up and the other face down so you can see the level of translucency.

The food grade molds are made with not just food grade silicone, but actually FDA compliant food grade, manufactured in the US premium platinum grade silicone. Go nuts adding awesome skull shaped chocolate or fondant pieces to your baked goods and rest assured that your mold is a high quality mold, perfect for baking.