3.6" Holographic Mini Starburst Coaster Mold

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This is for one 3.6" (9.1 cm) in diameter round holographic mold. Perfect coaster size or perfect for making mini sun catchers!

Each mold requires exactly 1.5 oz of resin to fill.

Made with high quality platinum silicone (shore 15) that has been vacuumed and slow cured. Please treat your mold with kindness and it will do the same for you in return. Please do not torch your coaster like you're making Crème brûlée. To rid the mold of bubbles, try lightly misting it with 99% alcohol after giving the resin a few minutes for the bubbles to rise to the top. I say "lightly" and I do mean "lightly". I use a pump action misting spray bottle that I got for a couple bucks on Amazon and it sprays a fine spray of alcohol like it's hair spray. Kinda cool. Alcohol can and will damage silicone, however, so that is why I say lightly mist. The resin you poured will protect the important part of the mold but please don't go nuts... And do NOT DO THIS AND THEN DECIDE TO FOLLOW IT WITH FIRE. You'll.... Have a really nice uh. Well you'll have way more fire than you intended.

If you have any questions about bubble removal without a pressure pot, I've got an endless list of tips and tricks for you to try. There's always another way besides a torch! And please work in a well ventilated area, ALWAYS wear gloves, use a respirator if possible, and follow the directions provided by your favorite resin vendor. You're not painting a pretty picture or doing some knitting. You are playing with chemical compounds. You take liquids and turn them into solids and there's a lot of chemical reactions going on and this needs to always be taken very seriously. Increased exposure = increased risk of a bad (or deadly) reaction. Reduce exposure with ventilation, proper PPE, etc.

PLEASE DO NOT PURCHASE THE MOLD WITH THE INTENTION OF REPLICATING OR DUPLICATING IT OR ANY PORTION OF THE MOLD. You are more than welcome to sell any items yielded from the mold you receive, but do not create and sell copies of the mold. Please, please, please have some respect for a fellow hard working human being. Please.

Seen other holographic coasters on the market and wonder why you should purchase mine instead of one of those? Good question with an easy answer! I put my heart into everything I make and I did not just purchase a flat acrylic round, slap some rainbow film on it, and call it a day. These coasters will actually feel like COASTERS. They have all of the nice soft, polished edges that make these seem like you're holding a professionally crafted coaster. No corners were cut in the making of this mold, I am and always will be a perfectionist and I can assure you that will definitely show.

DO. NOT. DOME. The holo effect is an etching. If you dome or clear coat your piece you WILL lose the effect.

DO tag me on Instagram @PrismaticRabbitHole because I'd love to see (and share!!!!) your creations! 

Again..... If you attempt to dome your finished piece, you will lose the holographic effect. The holographic effect is caused by an etching (so it's the texture) and by doming or coating the piece, it will lose the texture and the holographic effect. IF YOU ARE CONFUSED BUT LEGITIMATELY CURIOUS, JUST GOOGLE "DIFFRACTION FILM". It should clear up any holes in the logic of this for you. But be ready for some science... Sorry...

But hey, the coolest art comes from science! You probably don't even realize how much science goes into resin. Or acrylic pour paintings. Those work because of, well, a whole lot of science. All about achieving the correct viscosity and mixture--a masterpiece can be achieved in less than a minute of work with a canvas. However, I can promise you that countless hours went into mixing the paint to make it work correctly. So there you have it. Art meets science. My absolute favorite!