4" Holographic Square Deep Coaster Mold

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This is for one 4" (10 cm) square holographic mold. This mold can really pack a massive rainbow punch because it is one whole inch (2.54 cm) deep and is also holographic on the sides of the piece. So five sides have the holographic etching on them which makes for a pretty crazy looking final piece.

Details for resin artists:
Please make use of the information I provide because I will not be able to replace these molds due to user error because, well, I cannot afford to.

Do NOT touch the inside of your mold, the holographic effect is VERY delicate so NO TOUCHING THE RAINBOW. If you have to remove any glitter or pigment, please use a piece of scotch tape and gently lift it off the mold surface. Do not attempt to scrub or wipe down your mold, you will instantly murder the mold. This mold is not your regular silicone resin mold, but it will be fine as long as you are careful with it. I will send a card with the information you will need along with your mold, please be sure to read it.

Made with high quality platinum silicone that has been vacuumed and slow cured. Please treat your mold with kindness and it will do the same for you in return. Please do not torch your resin coaster like you're making crème brûlée. To rid the mold of bubbles, try lightly misting it with 99% alcohol after giving the resin a few minutes for the bubbles to rise to the top. I say "lightly" and I do mean "lightly". I use a pump action misting spray bottle that I got for a couple bucks on Amazon and it sprays a fine spray of alcohol like it's hairspray. Kinda cool. Alcohol can and will damage silicone, however, so that is why I say lightly mist. 99% alcohol evaporates very quickly as well so do not try this trick with seventy something percent. The resin you poured will protect the important part of the mold but please don't go nuts... And do NOT DO THIS AND THEN DECIDE TO FOLLOW IT WITH FIRE. You'll.... Have a really nice uh. Well you'll have way more fire than you intended and probably even imagined possible. If you're wearing proper PPE and a fire happens.... Yeah just don't set flammable things on fire. Trust me.

❌  PLEASE DO NOT PURCHASE THE MOLD WITH THE INTENTION OF REPLICATING OR DUPLICATING IT OR ANY PORTION OF THE MOLD. You are more than welcome to sell any items yielded from the mold you receive, but do not create and sell copies of the mold. Please, please, please have some respect for a fellow hard working human being. 🙏🙏🙏🙏 Please.

Q: Does the holo stay on the mold?
A: Yes. It's an etching of thousands of tiny lines that reflect light to cause a holographic effect. It's permanently part of the mold.
Q: Will the holographic effect work more than once?
A: Yes. It's... Ohh my goodness, see the last answer.
Q: So every piece made with this mold is holographic?
A: Yes.
Q: But how?
A: Diffraction. Science. Engraved lines. Reasons.